Excursions from our holiday homes - for example the world-famous Elz Castle

Updated – Sights for your safe holiday on the Moselle

We have summarized the most important facts about a stay with us for you. The information is not guaranteed, can change at any time and results from the current Corona Control Ordinance RLP, among other things. But we definitely want to give you an update, because excursions from our holiday homes are simply part of a successful holiday!

☑️ Since May 12th, 2021 you can stay with us again without the obligation to test. Thus, holiday homes and providers of private accommodation finally have a special position, because we have no common areas and a maximum of 4 people are allowed in our houses. In hotels and other accommodation establishments, negative test results are standard upon arrival and every 48 hours.

Local culinary delights:

☑️ Alternate 2G or 2G rules apply in restaurants. Please inform yourself beforehand at the individual companies. We recommend the Onkel Otto restaurant, just a 10-minute walk from our holiday homes: https://mosel-chalets.de/ferienhaus-mosel-stell…/

☑️ Wineries and wine shops (and here are a few excellent ones within walking distance) welcome a visit. Wine tastings can also be organized outside or privately in the Mosel Chalets. Contact the respective winery or us in advance.

.☑️ Chuck’s world-famous Moselle snack bar in Pommern, right on the Moselle cycle path, is open 6 days a week for takeaway in summer. Definitely go. http://www.moselimbiss.de

☑️ The beautiful Schneiders patisserie is currently open on the weekends. Special orders, eg for birthdays, are of course also accepted during the week😉 The patisserie is a 5-minute walk from the Mosel Chalets. https://mosel-chalets.de/ferienhaus-mosel-stellen…/

☑️ The outdoor area of the Reichsburg Cochem is accessible, you can walk to the castle at any time and enjoy the view of Cochem. Guided tours and events take place. At the cafés on the way up you can get to-go supplies. https://reichsburg-cochem.de

Excursions from our holiday homes:

☑️ The situation is similar at Burg Eltz – whereby the popular photo hotspot and Instagram favorite, i.e. the outside view in front of the castle gate, is accessible and the hiking trails around Burgh Eltz are fantastically beautiful. Especially when there is less going on. https://mosel-chalets.de/mosel-schoenheit-teil-7-burg-eltz/

☑️ The Geierlay suspension bridge has reopened after a lengthy legal battle during the pandemic. However, you now have to purchase a ticket in advance or on site and find out about the current hygiene regulations. Until spring 2021, the Geierlay suspension bridge was still a hiking trail. Because of the extremely high number of visitors – especially during the pandemic, everything else was closed – the attraction was classified as “amusement park-like”. There are rules and requirements associated with this, but they were also necessary. Now, for example, the suspension bridge can only be used one-way. You can find out more directly at https://geierlay.de . And here is more travel information: https://mosel-chalets.de/mosel-schoenheit-teil-6…/

☑️ The Archeology Park Martberg in Pommern is open. A visit to the temple complex is possible to a limited extent on weekends and public holidays. However, an exclusive tour is possible with us – more about this here: https://mosel-chalets.de/sehenswertes-an-der-mosel/ The area offers wonderful hiking opportunities.

Retail is open in compliance with the usual conditions. In the small half-timbered towns, such as Bernkastel-Kues, you can stroll wonderfully. https://mosel-chalets.de/mosel-schoenheit-teil-3…/

For everyone who would like to spend a spontaneous holiday on the Moselle: https://mosel-chalets.de/unsere-chalets

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